Backplane Assembly

Backplane Assembly

Backplane Assembly

"Best in Class Press Process Control and High Speed Test"

Backplane Interconnect

"Revolutionary performance achieved with conventional manufacturing technologies"

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

"Pushing Todays Signal Integrity and Process Capabilities to enable Tomorrows Technology in Conventional System Architecture"

Amphenol introduces the first integrated PCB-based passive solution to support data rates up to 56 Gb/s NRZ--UltraSpeed. We have developed the next-generation high-speed systems solutions by combining our industry-leading expertise in PCBs, connectors, and backplane assembly techniques and processes.


Amphenol’s UltraSpeed technology enables our customers to reach these speeds using traditional architecture.



UltraSpeed utilizes three Amphenol areas of expertise to reach 56 Gb/s+
  • PCB: Best-in-class materials and enhanced processes (Registration, Bonding, Etching, Back-drill, Plating)
  • Connector: Lowest crosstalk, best linearity in the industry
  • Backplane Assembly: Nano-compliant press capability and advanced high speed test processes 


UltraSpeed benefits users by providing high-speed solutions in traditional architecture systems with:
  • The first OIF-compliant PWB-based BP channel to support 56 Gb/s NRZ 
  • 27” Megtron 7 UltraSpeed channel (17” BP and two 5” paddle cards)
  • Paladin Interconnect: Amphenol’s latest backplane interconnect solution
  • UltraSpeed Backplane Assemblies: assembled and tested to deliver performance 
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