Three main objectives for systems designers using copper backplanes and looking to increase data rates are:

  • No need for a complete system re-design 
  • Cost-effective
  • Shorter time-to-market 

Amphenol's UltraSpeed technology allows users to accomplish all three objectives.

  • No System Re-Design: Users can achieve higher speeds on PCBs that have the same dimensions as existing boards by changing key board characteristics to allow the user to reach the desired speed.  This enables users to get their next-generation of products out of the technology they use today. 
  • Cost-Effective: UltraSpeed can help reduce overall systems costs at the higher data rates because users can eliminate components, such as repeaters, out of their system that were needed to keep the signal strong.
  • Short Lead Times: By keeping the same architecture, the user eliminates the longer time-to-market and the challenges associated with a completely re-designed system.

Applicable to any board technology: Backplanes, Fabric cards, Line cards

MaterialPerformance Improvement
Meg 6 N Baseline
Meg 6N US 5db
Meg 7N 2db
Meg 7N US 7-8db
Tachyon 2db
Tachyon US 7-8db
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