Amphenol UltraSpeed’s PCB solution enables lower loss and higher data rates. We use a combination of the industry’s best process technologies and know-how.

  • Patent-protected layer process 
  • World-class backdrill depth control 
  • State-of-the-art registration 
  • Product testing 
  • Signal integrity analysis 

Amphenol’s early involvement in the design process can help reduce system costs by as much as 50% without sacrificing performance.

UltraSpeed PCB technology is applicable to any board technology: Backplanes, Fabric Cards, and Line Cards


  • Simulations and modeling of full link (BP and DC) 
  • Electrical and mechanical design with proprietary tools 
  • 2D and 3D models for BP and DC connectors 
  • Power Plane Analysis with PowerDC (BP and DC) 
  • PCB layout with Mentor & Cadence 
  • CAM outputs in Valor ODB++ and Gerber formats (BP and DC) 

Amphenol Backplane Assembly Site Amphenol TCS Connectors Site Amphenol Printed Circuit Board Site
  • 91 Northeastern Blvd,
    Nashua, NH 03062
  • (603) 324-4500
  • (603) 324-4728
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